questions about driving
I transferred from another Ministry Approved BDE Course provider and paid for my lessons. I have changed my mind and wish to no longer have the lessons do i get a refund ?

NO all sales are final.  As per our working agreements.  Our staff work on admin paper work and a lot of time is taken for transferring of files.

I have signed up Fast Track before the COVID-19 can I down grade to to package 1?

Unfortunately we are NOT able to down grade packages as we have booked lessons around the instructors car schedules and as well admin paper work has been completed.

I have signed up for your Digital Classroom and have started the course and no longer wish to continue do I get a refund?

NO once you start your Digital Course you can NOT change or request a refund or transfer to another course. Terms are outlined on the E-Learning Portal. 

I have completed my On-line course when do I start my In Car lessons ?

Our office admin will contact you to book you 10 hours of private in car lessons.

I have signed up for your course and completed the in classroom sessions. Due to the current COVID-19 Virus do I get a refund on any products or services including Drive Test Bookings?

Unfortunately once you start the course and pay for a Service that has been started or rendered we do not offer refunds. However we will transfer your lessons to the new scheduling once The Ontario Government allows Driving Schools to re-open Operations under Stage #2 and Stage #3.  Our School is OPEN for Stage ONE However only for Admin and Drive Test Support. As of June 14 2021 Drive Testing Services are only being offered. As NO Teaching is approved under Stage #1 

How long do I have to complete the in car lessons?

You have 90-120 days from the date of first in Classroom “time stamped” to complete the in car sessions. This is a School Policy to ensure all clients complete the course within ample time.  -19 must be completed within 1 year from the start of E-Learning or In Classroom. As per the MTO BDE Guidelines.

I signed up and confirmed my in class registration and sent my E-Transfer deposit, I missed day 1 of in class and didn't come for day 2 and decided to withdraw from the course. Do I get my deposit back?

NO REFUNDS are issued however the school can accommodate you in another class within 60 days of booking.  Keep in mind the school confirms your seat and administration fees also apply.

How do I get a Driving Instructor and my in car scheduling lessons?

On Day 3 and 4 of your In Classroom Session. You will be assigned a in car instructor as well the school will book your in car lessons via our line booking system.  For package 1 this is a non-express and lessons are 10 x 1 hour over 5 Weeks ( Subject to Change without notice during any covid 19 Phases and or Lockdowns.  Package 2 is ( Drive Test) Express and spread over 5 x 2 hour Lessons Express over 1-2 weeks or based on availability.

(covid 19 restrictions may be factors depending on Timelines and or Road Maps to re-opening.  Subject to Change without NOTICE) 

The school operates cars only on safe clear days. The cars a MTO Approved and inspected for safety.  Our Cars operate 7 days a week 9am-8pm most time of the year.  During winter season we operate during daylight hours and on clear roads for safe driving.  Our system updates daily with new dates and times.  The school has no control over bookings and on day 3 and 4 all lessons are booked by one of our staff.  Should the lessons be cancelled or changed by the client the lessons can be rebooked via our online booking site.  Found on our home page under IN CAR BOOKINGS.

The school is NOT held responsible should you not be able to book or any errors occur during online bookings. 

Each lesson is logged on our system and upon booking a email will be sent to confirm the booking.  Please read your emails carefully. 

Our self serve booking site is open 24 hours 7 days week and open to all students to book any in car lessons.  Our school will NOT bump any lessons in favour of another student. As each student is equal for the package they have signed up for.

I'm a busy person and require my lessons before any other student will you bump the line for my needs?

NO we do not accommodate any self-entitlement at our school.  

I signed up and paid for my 4 Day In Class Express, I came to day 1 and 2 and missed day 3 and 4 and have decided to withdraw from the course, do I get a pro rated refund?

NO once your start the BDE in class and attend day 1 and 2 NO refunds or transfers are issued.

I have a Sports team and want a group rate how do we get a discount?

Call our School Admin at 705-445-6788

How else can I pay?

We accept Interac E-TRANSFERS,Cash or Visa/ Master Card as methods of payment.

What If I miss a class or session?

We understand most students have to work part time or have sporting events, you can come back to the school on the day (1, 2, 3 or 4) that was missed. YOU HAVE 1 Year from the start of the course to complete the full program.

Where is my Driver Training Certificate?

14 Business days after your FINAL in car lesson our office manager will send your file to Ministry for approval. Once processed we will add your DTC Certificate on your drivers history record.  You can go to SERVICE ONTARIO and Request your “DRIVERS LICENSE HISTORY REPORT”; this is also added and verified by your Insurance Company.

Can I start Day 3,4 and then come back for day 1,2?

NO The Ministry has changed the rules you must Start Day 1 and follow days 2,3,4 in order YOU CAN make up the missed classes on the NEXT Scheduled Day   FOR Example you start Class day 1 and day 2 then you miss day 3 and 4 you can make up day 3 and 4 the following 4 day course scheduled days.  Call for details.

Can I make a payment plan for the online course?

At this time we DO not offer any payment plans. You can pay by cash, chq, Money Order or E-Transfer.

I have Paid for a Drive Test package with your School before the covid-19 I have changed my mind and NO longer want to use your cars do I get a refund?

No. We are Not offering refunds as this is an outbreak beyond our Schools control.  We are booking road testing as they become available. Any Services that have been rendered will be taken into account as will any admin fees / Time of arranging bookings. Phone Calls and Emails fee applies.

I have forgotten my login and password for my online account who do I call.

 Please call the number on the digital portal or press reset my password.

Where do I go for my in car lessons ?

IF your a local High School Student you would be picked up at the following locations:


   CCI Candy Factory 

   Collingwood Catholic High School Rear Parking Lot


   For NON- Secondary School Students we pick up and drop off at our 

   Driving School Location  391 First Street Rear Parking Lot 


   Yellow Car

   Red Car

   Black Car 

   White Car 

I need to cancel my booking and its last minute do I pay a fee?

IF we have a booked and confirmed in car lessons and you fail to provide us 5 business days notice the school will charge a fee of $75.00 per hour. 

WHY? we reserve our cars only for our clients and WILL not release the car for any other client.  If you cancel the car is left without a client and is loss time for the school and teacher.  We send the client a invoice for the time loss.

I have a Drive Test booking for Collingwood and my bookings are cancelled do I receive a refund?

Unfortunately under the current circumstances any confirmed lessons or Drive Test bookings will be postponed and rescheduled as they become available.

How can you school offer such good prices?

The School is a family owned and operated we also keep our overhead down as a result we pass the savings to all of our clients.

I have signed up and paid for in-car NON BDE Refresher Lessons I can't come to the booked and confirmed lessons and want a refund.

No refunds are issued and for any no shows, cancels or changes to in car bookings the school requires 5 Banking days notices.  Once you enter into a contract by paying the invoice we are into a contract position “Verbal and in writing”

I signed up for Package 1 Non-Express and then upgraded to Drive Test use of Car and pre Warm up. I decided that I NO longer require your Services DO I get a refund?

NO once you have started any lessons or part of a service on your invoice or sessions provided WE do NOT refund any fees. Why?  When you signed up for your package we discounted the fee as well have completed admin work on our end to secure the bookings.  We will transfer the booking to another date or another lesson plan. Admin fees/ Emails/ Phone Calls and another fees would apply to any accounts. 

We signed up for lessons and Drive Test Package and half way through the package change our mind and use our own car do we get a refund?

NO all packages are final sale and are Non-Refundable or Transferable.

The High School I attend has a SNOW DAY are my scheduled in car lessons cancelled?

Please refer to our HOME PAGE for any SNOW DAY Cancelations, IF your lesson is schedule and you are a no- show then FEES will apply as a NO SHOW.  IF our School is NOT operating due to snow issues we will send you a TEXT advising that your in car will be re-scheduled.

I booked the Driving Schools Car for my Road Test and paid a fee and decide to use another persons car do I get my fees back?

NO refunds are issued for Drive Test Bookings for ROAD TEST.  We have a limited number of cars that are in demand for Road Test and our BDE Students. Once you book with our school and confirm a date then all bookings are FINAL. 

How many students are in each class session?

MTO sets the rules for in class 1:40 at MAX  our school limits the class size 1:20 Meaning 1 Teacher Max 20 Students

COVID-19 Classroom sizes will very limited.

I’m 15 turning 16 and don’t have a G1 can I still take the course?

YES you can attend the in class sessions, HOWEVER you won’t start your in car until you have a G1

I am on Ontario Works or ODSP do you accept clients on assistance?

All clients are welcome to our school regardless of income, race, background or sexual orientation.

I’m at Drive TEST and the agent tells me that my DTC Certificate isn’t added to my driver’s history what do I do?

We at World Class Driving School will do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen.  Sometimes there can be an oversight with the digital records.  Should this happen CALL us right away and we will correct the problem for you.

I have a Service Dog and require special accommodation will the school assist me?

YES our School will accommodate your needs.

I have signed up for the 30 Hours of ONLINE E-Learning and Have NOT completed the course within 1 Year from the Start Date, Can I continue or get a refund?

The Course MUST be completed within 1 Year from the Date Time Stamped i.e.: June 1 2020  Course MUST be fully completed 30 hour + In Car lessons by June 1 2021.  Our School Policy is to have clients complete the online within 90 days and start in car promptly.  This policy is in place to avoid any delays and or expiration of files.  Please refer to the online Terms and Conditions on the sign up page.