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World Class Driving School,
Collingwood, Ontario

Our Provincially Approved

 Licensed In Classroom and In Car Instructors will teach you The Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to be become a Safe & Defensive Driver. Some of the skills our highly trained instructors will teach you hands on are City/Town, Freeway driving, rear-end and head-on Collision avoidance. Our Ministry Approved Driving School has a newer fleet of cars that are each equipped with a dual brake and have full commercial insurance. Each of our Instructors have been carefully vetted with all the Police Clearance and Ontario Safety League Training required to be Approved to Teach Novice and Skill building clients.

The Drivers Licence History report provides proof of successful completion of graduating from our School course is widely recognized by the Insurance industry as proof of course completion. Only World Class Driving School Collingwood provides exclusive Online 30 Hours of E-Learning of Driving Education plus 10 Hours of private in car lessons. Our Course will teach and prepare you for your 10 Hours of Private in car lessons with our Ministry Approved In Car Instructors.  No need to worry about bringing your own car. We provide The Approved Cars for your safe learning.

At World Class Driving School Collingwood we want to ensure our clients are ready for a successful exam. Our In Classroom and offices are all newly renovated and offer Clean, Bright and modern office furniture. At World Class Driving School, we also offer a Ministry Approved  BDE Simulator that creates different driving scenarios, driving skills, city driving, freeway driving, adverse driving and for Manual Driving, Our  Simulator is State of the Art and only offered in Collingwood. No other BDE Schools in Collingwood can offer our software or learning systems.

World Class Driving School Collingwood, Ontario


Covid19 Safety Plan & Cleaning procedures are in place.

In safe keeping for our in car/in classroom  operations to safely resume upon

Stage #2 Re-opening Jan 31st 2022

We have created an approved Safety Plan to ensure the safety of all our Staff and Students.

At the Start of Each Day all of our Driving Instructors will be Tested onsite with our Federal provided Ag Rapid Testing kits.

 Our School has ample supply of rapid Testing provided by the Federal Government and Health Canada.

Before the start of any lesson the following process will be followed:


1. Students must Show a QR code as proof of vaccination Must be fully Vaccinated to enter our cars, classrooms and for DriveTesting. 

2. Clients will be required to answer Provincial Screening Questions via the Website and Contact Tracing sheets via our School, Clients will be visually checked to ensure full face mask are applied correctly. 

3. Temperature Check and Hand sanitizer will be dispensed on the clients hands

4. Each car will be sprayed with a DIN approved Solution ION Sprayers to let stand for 5 minutes.  This process will be followed before and after each client.

5. Our School will provide face mask (medical grade N95 mask for an extra cost $5.00)

6. Our School, Staff and or Examiners have the right to refuse any client who utters threats and or fails to comply with our policy and or procedures in keeping with our guidelines. Covid19 guidelines and our own guidelines apply to all clients. 

If you are unwell or have come into contact with a person with covid19. DO NOT attend cancel your lesson via email.  Our school will require a negative PCR Test before any lessons are to resume.  We wish to remain safe and to keep all our staff and clients safe from any contact of covid19 

 Feb 5,6,12,13

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Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education “BDE” Online Course Provider
30 Hours Online Course.

This Course is designed for Students to learn from any device with an internet connection. Self-pace learn at your own pace.  A G1 is required before the Start of In Car lessons.  A Client must be able to obtain a G1 60 Days after the start of the course. 

Our exclusive course is a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. (BDE)

The course is broken into 3 Sections

  • Section 1  20 Hours of Online Theory
  • Section 2 10 Hour of Home Work / Studies
  • Section 3 10 Hours of PRIVATE In Car Lessons ONCE Steps #1 and #2 are completed.  In Car will be scheduled.

 Total Hours 40 for the Ministry Beginner Driver Education BDE Certification Course must be completed within 365 Days from the Start of the Online Activation.  This is a MTO BDE Policy.

Course Completion Time Limit:

* The Ministry of Transportation requires all students to complete their Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course within 1 year of the starting point (Day 1) date ( NO EXCEPTIONS)  World Class Driving Students  must complete 90-120 Days from the Starting Point (our own policy). We have extra Staff and Cars on the Road to assist with Drive Testing / BDE In Car Lessons and Senior Skill Building 3 Part Testing.

Certification Requirements:

* All students must complete at least 20 hours of classroom, 10 hours of Homelinks (homework) and 10 hours of in-car training with a Pass Mark of 70%  in order to qualify for certification with the Ministry of Transportation  Or 30 hours of online E-Learning + 10 Hours of In-car training.  covid19 has NOT had any impacts on completion of our courses. All Clients MUST complete the course within 1 Year of the starting point as per the MTO BDE Guidelines. 

Road Test Waiting Period Reduction:

* Once our Driving School certifies a student for the Beginner Driver Education Course, he or she will qualify to complete the G1 Exit Road test as early as 8 Months. Once you PASS your G1 Exit to G2 Please visit Any Service Ontario Location and request your Certificate “The Drivers Licence History Report”


    Amazing driving school! I had no experience driving whatsoever and was able to pass my G2 test after only a few weeks of driving lessons. Bill was such an amazing instructor and I wouldn’t have passed if it weren’t for him – thanks again Bill for your patience and really appreciate all your perspectives on driving/ life stories! Also Roman was super attentive and accommodating the entire time for any questions I had on the online platform to booking the test on my behalf during COVID era.
    I highly recommend going to this driving school!!

    _ G. Calzaretto

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    World Class Driving School Collingwood was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn regardless of their backgrounds and or income.